Madewell Texture & Thread Off-the-Shoulder Top, Classic Straight Jeans in Tile White, Wire-Rimmed Sunglasses and The Tavi Slide SandalMadewell ‘Texture & Thread’ Off-the-Shoulder Top, Classic Straight Jeans in Tile White, Wire-Rimmed Sunglasses and ‘The Tavi’ Slide Sandal

As the summer continues to heat up, Madewellshowcases its new arrivals perfect for August 2018. The fashion shoot features model Jac Jagaciakwearing casual ensembles made for the sunny weather. From graphic t-shirts to cropped denim and printed sets, these pieces will keep you cool in the heat. Paired with slide sandals as well as cat-eye sunglasses, Madewell focuses on effortlessly chic looks.

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Madewell Sandwashed Cami Bodysuit, Wide-Leg Crop Jeans in Finney Wash and The Boardwalk Post Slide SandalMadewell ‘Sandwashed’ Cami Bodysuit, Wide-Leg Crop Jeans in Finney Washand ‘The Boardwalk Post’ Slide SandalMadewell Striped Scoopneck Knit Dress and Stampede-Strap Straw HatMadewell Striped Scoopneck Knit Dress and Stampede-Strap Straw Hat
Madewell The Boxy-Crop Jean Jacket in Tile White, Alto Scoop Tee in Colborne Stripe and Classic Straight Jeans: Destructed EditionMadewell The Boxy-Crop Jean Jacket in Tile White, ‘Alto’ Scoop Tee in Colborne Stripe and Classic Straight Jeans: Destructed EditionMadewell Boxy Top in Evelyn Stripe, Pull-On Shorts in Evelyn Stripe and The Tavi Slide SandalMadewell Boxy Top in Evelyn Stripe, Pull-On Shorts in Evelyn Stripe and ‘The Tavi’ Slide SandalMadewell Denim Apron Bow-Back Jumpsuit and The Boardwalk Post Slide Sandal: Cactus Embossed EditionMadewell Denim Apron Bow-Back Jumpsuit and ‘The Boardwalk Post’ Slide Sandal: Cactus Embossed EditionMadewell Short-Sleeve Wrap Top in Gingham Check and Adair Cat-Eye SunglassesMadewell Short-Sleeve Wrap Top in Gingham Check and ‘Adair’ Cat-Eye SunglassesMadewell Barcelona Sun Graphic Tee, The Perfect Summer Jean in Tile White: Destructed-Hem Edition and The Boardwalk Post Slide SandalMadewell Barcelona Sun Graphic Tee, The Perfect Summer Jean in Tile White: Destructed-Hem Edition and ‘The Boardwalk Post’ Slide Sandal

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It’s good to know that Prada hasn’t forgotten its roots. Maintaining the classic craftsmanship like the saffiano leather and nylon is the key to success. And that’s why there is a new tote – the Prada Padded Nylon Bag from the Fall Winter 2018 Collection.

Here’s a short history about Prada’s Nylon. When Miuccia Prada took over the business of her grandfather in the late 1970’s, it was one of her first inventions. She took the idea from parachute fabric and implemented the material into the fashion world.

Prada’s Nylon is extremely strong and durable. It’s easy to maintain and weight like a feather.

The Design

Miuccia Prada’s career really took off after she created a beautiful minimalistic handbag in 1985. And the mixture of Nylon and minimalism style lives on in this latest Padded Nylon Bag.

This tote is not only light weighed but also extremely strong and durable. It needs minimum maintenance and it’s 100% scratch-free. But one can argue whether Nylon Bags are actually luxurious or not.

The body is clean and streamlined. It features the iconic enamel triangle logo on the front and its colored in the same shade as the bag. The top is made with double leather handles for hand carry and it’s embellished from the inside.

Because the bag is so light weighed, you won’t mind carrying it on the shoulder. And that’s also why it’s made with a detachable fabric shoulder strap.

So what do you think?

The Interior


The interior is secured with an inside zipped pocket. Inside you will find the main compartment to help you store anything you need. Because Nylon is flexible, you can overstuff it without damaging the bag. Cool huh?

Prices And Sizes

Prada Medium Padded Nylon Bag
Size: 34 x 18 x 40 (H x L x W) cm
Prices: $1350 USD, €1050 EUR, £950 GBP

Prada Large Padded Nylon Bag
Size: 38 x 20 x 45 (H x L x W) cm
Prices: $1490 USD.

Where To Shop Prada Padded Nylon Bag?

1. Luisa Via Roma – Click here to shop this new Prada Nylon Bag…

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Reformation Cali Bikini Top in Amber $70 and Palms Bikini Bottoms in Amber $58Reformation ‘Cali’ Bikini Top in Amber $70 and ‘Palms’ Bikini Bottoms in Amber $58
A floral print bikini set features an underwire bikini top and cheeky bikini bottom.

Summer is heating up and Reformation offers new swimsuit styles perfect for the scorching temperatures. The Los Angeles-based fashion brand designs form-fitting one-piece swimsuits, checkered prints and floral patterns. Choose from high-waisted bikini bottoms and bikinis with underwire support. A color palette of cherry-red, black, toffee-brown and white rounds out the collection. Discover some of our favorites from the swimsuit line below, and see more at

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Reformation Eliza One Piece Swimsuit in Black $98Reformation ‘Eliza’ One Piece Swimsuit in Black $98
This black one-piece swimsuit comes with a slightly scooped neckline and open upper back.Reformation Guava Bikini Top in Toffee $68 and Papaya Bikini Bottom in Toffee $68Reformation ‘Guava’ Bikini Top in Toffee $68 and ‘Papaya’ Bikini Bottom in Toffee $68
A toffee-brown bikini set includes a top with a center front tie and high-waisted bottoms.
Reformation Majorca Bikini Top in Cherry $68 and Kona Bikini Bottom in Cherry $68Reformation ‘Majorca’ Bikini Top in Cherry $68 and ‘Kona’ Bikini Bottom in Cherry $68
Look red-hot in a cropped bikini top and high-waisted bottoms.Reformation Heidi Bikini Top in Trattoria $78 and Greta Bikini Bottom in Trattoria $68Reformation ‘Heidi’ Bikini Top in Trattoria $78 and ‘Greta’ Bikini Bottom in Trattoria $68
This checkered print bikini combination includes a ruffled neckline with adjustable shoulder straps.Reformation Guava Bikini Top in Amber $68 and Papaya Bikini Bottoms in Amber $68Reformation ‘Guava’ Bikini Top in Amber $68 and ‘Papaya’ Bikini Bottoms in Amber $68
A printed bikini duo comes with a center front tie and tie embellished high-rise bottom.Reformation Eliza One Piece Swimsuit in Cherry $98Reformation ‘Eliza’ One Piece Swimsuit in Cherry $98
Heat up summer in a red one-piece swimsuit made with a form-fitting silhouette.

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If we think there wouldn’t be anymore new O Cases, then we’re so wrong. Because Chanel will keep innovating and introduces season-style inspired O Cases. Like the Chanel Chevron Medal O Case from the Pre-Fall 2018 Collection.

We’ve created an everything-under-one-roof list of O Cases here…

The Design

The Chevron Medal O Case is our latest crave. Why? Because it looks fabulous, unique and timeless. If you ever dreamed of an alternative to the Classic O Case, then it’s time to shop and spree.

The bag is made from calfskin, which is a durable and strong leather. Yet calfskin feels incredible luxurious. The Chevron Quilting adds a touch of elegant to the overall style and it feels glamorous from top to toe.

The most notable piece that will attract a lot of eyes is obvious the new center clasp. The clasp is made in chevron-shape, like a medal. The top piece is colored with the same shade as the bag, refined in gold hardware and featuring the CC logo. The bottom part is also crafted in V-shape and in gold hardware, and it’s engraved with the house’s logo: ‘Chanel Paris’.

Overall, the bag looks minimalistic yet ultra-chic. It’s beautiful to carry as a daily bag for work or for special occasions. And don’t forget, it’s seasonal piece, which means it’s limited.

The Interior


Inside you will find the main compartment. The O Case is perfect to store documents, but it’s also ideal to carry daily essentials.

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Nadja Bender turns up the glam factor for the July-August 2018 issue of Vogue Arabia. Captured by Zoey Grossman, the Danish model poses in opulently embellished looks from the summer collections. Stylist Anna Katsanis selects the designs of Saint Laurent, Gucci, Versace and more for Nadja to wear. The blonde shines in sparkling sequins, luxe feathers and form-fitting bodysuits.

Nadja Bender Turns Up the Opulence for Vogue Arabia

Nadja Bender Turns Up the Opulence for Vogue Arabia

Nadja Bender Turns Up the Opulence for Vogue Arabia

Nadja Bender Turns Up the Opulence for Vogue Arabia

Nadja Bender Turns Up the Opulence for Vogue Arabia

Nadja Bender Turns Up the Opulence for Vogue Arabia

Nadja Bender Turns Up the Opulence for Vogue Arabia

Nadja Bender Turns Up the Opulence for Vogue Arabia

Nadja Bender Turns Up the Opulence for Vogue Arabia

Nadja Bender Turns Up the Opulence for Vogue Arabia

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How to Perform A Foot Spa At Home

It is unbelievable how a little bit of indulging can help you to unwind as well as discharges all the strain and stress. A foot spa, on the other hand, is a sheer indulgence. However, going to a spa can also seem like a chore, particularly when all you want to do is hang around.  Aside from that, visiting a spa a bit costly. Even so, these reasons should not make you overlook your feet. In spite of everything, your feet be worthy of some love and a foot spa looks like a good idea.

On the other hand, you don’t have to visit a spa just to pamper your feet. In fact, you can do it on your own even though you’re at home. Either way, in this article we will show you to perform a foot spa at home. And always keep in your mind, that before you start you need to relax, find a cozy place, and prepare all the needed things like a leg bath massager, clean towel, nail cutter, and aromatic candles.


If you have a nail polish make sure to remove it to clean your nails. Cut your nails using a nail cutter depending on your desired length. Make sure not to cut the corners too deep. After which, shape your nails using a nail file.  


Fill the tub with warm water and then add buttermilk or milk along with your favorite essential oil and rock salt. If you’re looking for rejuvenation you can use a peppermint oil as it gives you a soothing effect. But if you’re allergic to these oils, you can ignore them completely.

Then allow your feet soak for about 20 minutes. When you feel fully relax, remove your feet from the tub and dry them using a clean and fresh towel.  

Photo: Pixabay
Photo: Pixabay


When your feet become dry, massage the base of your toenails by applying a fresh cream to soften your dead skin. To remove the dead skin, scrub the bottom part of your feet gently using a foot file or pumice stone while the fresh cream is still on.

Afterward, remove the cream and gently push the cuticles using a pusher. Then scrub your nails using a scrubber (nail) and clean your feet. Even so, do not forget to scrub your ankles.

If you’re already satisfied with the scrub, then rinse your feet and dry them.


Actually, you can create your own cream using a honey and milk or honey oatmeal and milk. This will soothe as well as keep your skin fresh.

Apply this cream on your feet, however, if you’re using a fruit scrub, make sure to use the oatmeal mixture. After applying, dry it for about twenty minutes. When the cream dries, rinse them using warm water and then dry.


Once you reach this step, your feet are already clean, but the indulging does not end there. Because you need to moisturize your feet intensely.

Massage your calf muscles and feet using an olive oil or almond oil or both. You can also add some essential oils. By simply moisturizing your feet your muscles will be rejuvenated while your skin will be nourished  


Now that your skin is refreshed and your feet are relaxed, you can apply colors to your nails too.


Whether you want to pamper every week or once a month, there’s no stopping you. Either way, by simply following the given procedures above you’ll have a soothing foot spa at home. 

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