Full View Of All New Items In Louis Vuitton Cruise 2015 Collection

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How many times we preview upcoming 2015 Louis Vuitton Cruise collection? We all know in the new collection for next year, Nicolas Ghesquiere designed new trunk bags in a different look, it is also includes the Small Leather Goods in Tribal Mask Monogram and Pochette Mask Bags which been the newest design for LV Cruise 2015.

Here are full list of all new items in the collection below, including handbags, sandles, outfit and more. Latest New Twist Bags made of epi leather with chain handles and has the LV logo twist lock perfect to allow the flap to open. Take a view and stay tuned to our site for more new lv bags sale info!

1 Louis-Vuitton-Twist-Bags-Cruise-2015- 6

1 Louis-Vuitton-Tribal-Mask-Sandals-Cruise-2015 4 1 Louis-Vuitton-Tribal-Mask-Card-Holders-Cruise-2015 3 1 Louis-Vuitton-Silver-Twist-Bag-Cruise-2015 5 1 Louis-Vuitton-Pink-Petite-Malle-Bag-Cruise-2015 8 1 Louis-Vuitton-Petite-Malle-Cuir-Embossed-Bags-Cruise-2015 9 1 Louis-Vuitton-Petite-Malle-Cuir-Embosse-Bags-Cruise-2015 10 1 Louis-Vuitton-Petite-Malle-BagsKnee-High-Boots-Cruise-2015 7 1 Louis-Vuitton-Croc-Pochette-Mask-Bag-in-Monogram-Canvas-Cruise-2015-2

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Headed Off to College? Here’s What to Carry for Under $550

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School Bags

Even though it’s been a solid decade since I went off to college, this time of year makes me nostalgic for back-to-school shopping, no matter how many grey hairs I’ve recently started producing. (Spoiler alert: a significant number of grey hairs.) As you might expect, I have somethoughts on how to pick exactly the right bag for all your college needs, as well as some suggestions of what’s out there right now that fits the bill.

Your (or your daughters’) experiences may vary, but my college career required a ton of walking on a very large, hilly campus, so the first thing to think about when picking a bag for a new or returning college student is its weight; coated canvas or lighter-weight leathers are ideal, and forgo bags with lots of extra pockets unless you really need them, because the extra material adds up quickly.

Second, the bag has to be big enough to hold the requisite college student stuff–I only chose bags that I thought would fit a notebook, a textbook and a slim laptop or tablet. If you’re going to be hauling around two giant organic chemistry books, your problems are bigger than any solutions I can provide. On, like, several levels.

I’ve also only selected bags that can serve a young woman (or man–carry what you want!) well in the event of an internship or job interview; those sometimes pop up last-minute in school, and making a solid impression on someone that early in your career can quite literally change your entire life.

Lastly, I’m not trying get all Marie Antoinette up in here. Although we are primarily an emporium of information on stupefyingly expensive handbags, I know that college is a time of tight budgets for most people, and even most fashion lovers. While most of the bags below cannot be accurately described as inexpensive, I’ve kept them all below $550, with many options far under that price.

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Well This is a Weird Bag, Alice + Olivia

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Alice and Olivia Stuffed Animal Bear Bag

“Weird” is having a big month so far. Fall deliveries have given us such a bumper crop of oddball bags that we went ahead and picked our favorite dozen last week, and then Coach put some giant animal heads in its latest in-store campaign. Now, somehow, Alice + Olivia has out-weirded them all.

Because the brand only recently started up its handbag line, you might not be familiar with the contemporary quirk of the Alice + Olivia brand. It offers girlish literalism and irreverence, often in the Charlotte Olympia vein, for reasonably accessible price point. Right now, though, it is simply trying to give me bad dreams.

I like all-black things, I like vaguely creepy things, I like weirdness for weirdness’ sake. This little lady, though, looks like she’s going to hide under my bed and then eat my face while I sleep. It’s looking into the rotten parts of my soul. The handle sticking out of its head is not helping.

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Bella Thorne Wears Gorgeous Dior Pumps to the Teen Choice Awards

Designer Shoes

Bella Thorne Dior Lucite Heel Satin Pumps

Here’s actress Bella Thorne, attending the Teen Choice Awards in LA on Sunday night, wearing a truly awesome pair of curved-heel Dior Lucite Heel Satin Pumps. Dior is not sold online, of course. I was astounded to discover that the floral dress Bella is wearing here is actually made by Candie’s. (It certainly passes for designer, no?) Bella is the new face of the Candie’s brand, and I have to give her props for wearing one of its designs on the red carpet…or blue shag carpet, in this case.

Bella was, of course, nominated for “Choice Female Hottie” (this is the Teen Choice Awards, after all). She lost out to Selena Gomez, which is surprising, because I was pretty sure the TCAs were the kind of awards show that only the winners bothered to attend. I will give her TalkShoes’ prestigious “Choice Teen with Taste” award though (which I just invented), because her taste in designer footwear is extremely impressive.

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Best Bet: The Casadei Blade Pumps

Designer Shoes

Casadei Blade Pumps

The itty-bitty blade heel is a staple for the Italian shoe label Casadei. Celebrities like Olivia Munnand Jennifer Lopez are among some of the shoe’s loyal wearers, and with all this celebrity attraction, we can’t help but fall for the allure of these pumps as well.

The Casadei blade pumps are a mesh of traditional structure and futuristic details. What makes these pumps worthy of a spot on your shoe rack is the clean, streamlined design. If you would rather wear pared-down pumps, Casadei’s should be considered. The shoe’s simplicity is what makes these pumps a stand-out, and while the design’s only downfall is the price, between the longevity and seasonless design, these pumps will be much more then just a one-time wear.

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Polished Prints for Fall 2014

Designer Shoes

Christian Louboutin So Kate Python Red Sole Pump

Perhaps you thought it would never be possible, but your new 9-to-5 pump may be a printed one. Designers are challenging us to see prints not just as playful and casual, but to see things like leopard or even camouflage as sleek and sophisticated. Whether you like the printed python So Kate pump (my personal faves) or a modern, polka-dotted Sergio Rossi pair; check out which printed shoe you might be strapping into come the fall!

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