Cost Per Wear Review: Shoe Edition

2015-12-2 fashion Designer Shoes

I mention the term “cost per wear” sometimes on this blog – well actually quite often, so apologies if you’re all sick of hearing the term. I’ve been doing some light house cleaning lately, getting rid of a few more items, so thought I would take the opportunity to look at cost per wear in my own closet, and look back and see what items I’ve gotten the most (and least) use out of. I actually found the exercise to be quite rewarding (yes, this is what weekend fun looks like when you’re pregnant), so thought I’d do a small series for the blog, starting with shoes! And yes…I have so many pairs that I was able to do a “bow” theme.

Shoes Cost Per Wear

Lowest (best) cost per wear: Ferragamo Vara pumps. I have three pairs of these so far and love them. I have to admit they aren’t the most glamorous or sexy shoes – one of my coworkers walked by the other day and remarked, “I used to be a shoe salesperson at Nordstrom and those were very popular with the grandma set.” But, they are comfortable, very high quality, and with some visits to the cobbler, can last a lifetime. I own black leather, black patent, and nude pairs.

Medium cost per wear: Miu Miu Gingham bow pumps. These are from a few years ago, and were a lucky sale find at Bergdorf. I normally couldn’t bring myself to pay high prices for fabric pumps which have white spots on them to boot, but I loved the gingham pattern so much that I couldn’t resist at 50% off. I’ve worn them a few times each spring/summer season, and I always get compliments. Definitely a statement shoe.

Highest (worst) cost per wear: Valentino bow lace pumps. I’ve worn these something like three times, so yeah they have a pretty bad cost per wear. Granted one of those times was at my actual wedding, so I think I should be given some leeway. These are so beautiful, and I don’t regret buying them – but the bow style from Valentno themselves I’ve found, just don’t work on my feet.

After doing my little “cost” analysis, my most expensive pairs were very clear. They were typically very high heels, made of less practical material (lace, gingham fabric, super light beige suede), and quite expensive (otherwise I wouldn’t have had the high cost per wear bit). I calculated that they all had cost per wears in the $100-$200 range after quite a few years. Then I started to think about what cost per wear number would be good for even the craziest/most splurgiest of heels after 2-3 years, and I came up with $50. So that’s my new goal: a max of $50 cost per wear for super fancy shoes, and hopefully much less. My Birkenstocks for example, are now in the cents versus dollars!

What do you think of my goal? What would yours be? And I’d love to hear your best and worst cost per wear shoes as well!

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