2016-7-6 fashion Designer Shoes

1. From the responses and messages I received on my Gucci Marmont review, it seems like quite a few of you have been buying Gucci flats and loafers lately. As I stated, I love my Marmonts, and recently added this “Frame” style, in pink suede.

gucci pink loafer

I’m not a pink person usually, and own very few items of pink clothing, but these loafers just seemed so fun and bright for summer.  I promise, the color is even prettier in real life! I think they’ll look great with white shorts, casual denim…quite versatile, and the color makes them young and fun.

2. I thought this article on three days at Baselworld, via The NY Times, was quite interesting (and I’m not even really a watch person!). Lots of good tidbits and the writer has a sense of humor, too. The new Rolex Daytona is pretty fantastic looking, in my opinion.

Italian fashion designer Valentino (born Valentino Clemente Ludovico Garavani) (center, with red scarf) sits at a table with, from left, his business partner Giancarlo Giammetti, British actress and model Elizabeth Hurley, and German actress and model Claudia Schiffer and her boyfiend, businessman Tim Jeffries, at the Four Seasons restaurant in New York during the Valentino Gala, New York, New York, June 14, 2000. (Photo by Rose Hartman/Getty Images)

3. I loved this gossipy little article, via The Hollywood Reporter, featuring tales from the Four Seasons restaurantin New York.

4. For those looking for a long but interesting read, I’d like to recommend this update on the Sumner Redstone inheritance battle/saga – Hostage to Fortune, via Vanity Fair. Its truly a fascinating story and it makes you wonder what Sumner truly wants…and whether that’s still the right thing to do. Would 85 year old Sumner want the same thing as 92 year old Sumner now? For a brief primer on the whole situation, I’d first read this piece, Who Controls Sumner Redstone?

5. This week I finished the fascinating, and often hilarious Disrupted, by Dan Lyons.


If you’ve ever watched Office Space, or Silicon Valley the show, you will like this book. My only beef is that sometimes Lyons seems to have too much of a personal vendetta against certain people – he’s plays the victim more than he needs to. Its a shame because he doesn’t need to – the crazy situations and ridiculous people he’s working with are more than enough to elicit sympathy for Lyons. But its a smaller quibble, and Disrupted was still incredibly engaging. I couldn’t put it down. Highly recommended – especially if you work in Silicon Valley, and have to deal with some of the types described in the book (the “founder”, the “visionary”, the “VC”).

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