What’s Your Holy Grail Bag?



It’s good to have goals. Healthy, even. I’m not sure if that applies to shopping goals, exactly, but many of us have them nonetheless. On our PurseForum, our members have taken to calling the ultimate bags of their dreams their “Holy Grails,” or HGs for short.

The scope of what constitutes a Holy Grail can vary widely. For some people, it’s the ultimate bag that they can realistically buy, and for others, it’s the ultimate bag, no matters its price or their personal likelihood of ever hoping to attain it. In both scenarios, rarity often plays a role; after all, conferring HG status on something readily available and within one’s price range seems beside the point. Why not just buy the bag, under those circumstances?

Despite the fact that I’m not usually one for logos (and Hermès is not usually a brand that uses them on bags), my version of the Holy Grail is an Hermès Constance Bag. It’s not necessarily the one above, although that one’s certainly nice; I’d be thrilled for normal black leather. It’s the Hermès bag that most consistently captures my attention, and while we’re picking fantasy bags, I figure I might as well swing for the fences.

Now we want to hear from you: what’s your Holy Grail bag, and how did you arrive at that bag for the title?

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Sometimes there are things in life that are so-attractive…that it makes you feel like you would die-for-it. Like the upcoming Hermes Classic Kawai Bag Collection, you wanna know what’s included?


Unfortunately the bears on the images are not included, but let’s start with the ‘Hermes Constance Long Wallet’. I love the color soft pink, then its refined with a matching red ‘H’ logo on the front. It’s a must-have! The Hermes Constance Wallet is priced at €3100 euro or £2840 GBP.

Oh what’s this?


The Hermes Kelly Long Wallet in Ghillies – a unique style with artful embellishment on the front. Refined in soft pink and silver hardware, featuring the iconic Kelly Lock. Priced at 2150 euro or around $4000 SGD.

We’re not finished…


The Hermes Constance Shoulder Bag, made from suede (we think) – the beautiful baby blue color is can’t-live-without and refined with silver hardware. Oh my, I think I am about to die! The leather is butterfly-soft and it features a long shoulder strap. The estimated price is €6200 – €6500 euro.

The bucket bags have never been so good, a new sunshine color – turquoise. Take it to the beach, it comes with a lock on the front and bottom studs. Estimated price $2500 USD for the PM size.




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Pre-Owned Hermès Bags are Back at Moda Operandi for a Limited Time



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Now’s the Time to Buy; Hermès to Raise US Prices By End of January



If your new year’s resolution included buying more Hermès handbags or accessories, then you might want to move some money between your accounts and make some power moves, because time is of the essence. Both users on our Forum and shopping site Mizhattan have confirmed that Hermès will make a significant price increase in US boutiques before the end of the mont, affecting almost all of the brand’s product categories.

Reports indicate that price increases will be between 5% and 10%, depending on category, and that bags in particular will increase on January 28. If you’re a silk lover, you have a little bit longer–we’re hearing that scarves will get their increase in February. Smaller categories are also affected; gloves and hats will increase on January 20, and some homewares will follow on January 30. Ready-to-wear will also get a price hike early next week.

Hermès’ last price increase was almost exactly a year ago, with prices going up a similar six to ten percent. A year before that, Hermès’ January price increase was seven to ten percent. It will likely not shock you to find out that the same thing happened in January 2012. Hermès shoppers should know to get their shopping done before New Year’s for the foreseeable future. Worldwide demand for Hermès continues to grow, and higher prices only help to preserve the air of exclusivity that the brand so meticulously cultivates.

If you’re a European customer, I have some bad news (of which you are likely already aware): your price increase has already happened.

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Hermes Toolbox 20 Bag in Matte Niloticus crocodile leather



The famous Hermes Toolbox is considered a classic bag. Very useful and boxy, it got style just like the other iconic’s – the Birkin and Constance.

But from time to time, Hermes introduces a special edition, made from exotic leather that makes any woman drool. But of course, what’s special comes with an expensive price tag. For the Fall Winter 2014 Collection, presenting the Hermes Toolbox 20 Bag in Matte Niloticus Crocodile Leather.

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Well what can we say, if you’ve got a pocket as deep as the Mariana Trench, then maybe, you want to add this to your bag collection.

Front and back are in burgundy matte Niloticus Crocodile Leather, bottom and gussets in H-red celemence Bull Calfskin, handles are made from H-red Tadelakt calfskin and it’s refined with permabrass hardware. What differentiates this bag from others, is that each piece is carefully thought of which leather to use.

A generous size, with three large pockets to store all your essentials. The shoulder strap can be removed, carry it on your hand or cross body. A beauty, isn’t?

Measuring 20 x 22 x 15 (L x H x D) in cm, priced at £14,270 GBP or €15.100 euro’s, via Hermes boutique.




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Neiman Marcus is Selling Pre-Owned Hermès Bags Online for a Limited Time


Hermes Crocodile Birkin Braise

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