Vannesa Tosoni Pearl Necklaces: Revenge is Best Served in Pearls

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Vanessa Tosoni Pearl Necklaces

Revenge is my favorite show on TV right now, and Victoria Grayson is without a doubt the best love to hate villain. She’s the ultimate Snob  so of course I was thrilled to see her wear my dear friend Vannesa Tosoni’s pearl necklaces on the January 6th episode. Since the first lady of Grayson manor has killed and committed unspeakable crimes for money, she can obviously buy anything she wants but lucky for everyone in the Hamptons, she didn’t need to kill for these affordable fresh water beauties. The large rounded Tiffany pearl necklace is like an updated version of the classic strand of pearls – perfect for a modern matriarch like Victoria. On its own, this is a piece with serious luster, but mixing it with two doubly long strand of smaller Michelle pearlscreated a layered look that was as chic as Victoria herself and yet still fit for a hot summer’s day of plotting at the beach. Find these on or e-mail Vanessa for more information.

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A Jolt of Cobalt: Blue Ribbon Winners

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A Jolt of Cobalt

As much as I love cobalt, it’s one of those colors that you only need a little of to make a statement. Anything more than that would cause serious shock and awe (and not the good kind). You pack a bigger punch with a jolt of electric color rather than a full-on current, so choose just one piece to layer with – it’ll give even the dreariest of fall neutrals just the kick they need to start the season right.

B Brian Atwood Langden Stretch Cage Sandal: You won’t feel caged in with these stretchy straps. The comfort will surprise you even more than the vibrant color does. 

Nancy Gonzalez Python Crocodile-Bar Clutch Bag: You don’t even need the accessory to be fully cobalt. A blue streak will more than do the job (especially in croc and python!). 

Gucci Pirata Baga Runway Silk Scarf Top: Forget black dahlias – beat the heat with blue dahlias on one of Gucci’s itty-bitty scarf tops. 

Bounkit Gold-Plated Onyx, Quartz and Lapis Lazuli Clip Earrings: While Cleopatra used powdered lapis lazuli as eye shadow, I prefer it in its full (and perfectly faceted) form. 

Pologeorgis Mongolian Lamb Collar: A full cobalt fur coat? Well, that would be a bit much, but a big collar is just right. Wear it with a dress when you want to show off some skin while still staying cozy. 

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Sarah Hyland’s Spring Crops

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Sarah Hyland bloomed in her spring crops recently wearing a top by A.L.C.icon, a flirty white skirt and Bionda Castana pumpsicon . This outfit is perfectly pretty and hits all the basics for the season: a soft pink pastel shade, bright whites and tasteful peeps of skin to preview what summer has in store. Crops are great when paired with longer bottoms. It’s too early to go much shorter, and you want to keep the bottom flowy with such a fitted crop. Try this look on for size for your next spring fling!

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Nikos Koulis White Diamond, Black Diamond and Rhodium Ring: Hand It Over

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Nikos Koulis White Diamond, Black Diamond and Rhodium Ring

Now this is seems our ring game has really elevated this year. In fact, I wouldn’t even call this a ring – it’s a hand jewel. The three-finger accessory comes from Greek designer Nikos Koulis, a man known to tackle fine jewelry with a touch of shockingly elegant whimsy (Bejeweled pineapples? Why not?!). While we’ve seen our fair share of knuckledusters, this one takes the cake. It’s a large piece, yet not an unwieldy one, a balance struck by perfect symmetry and understated design (if you call 2.5+ carats of diamonds understated!). The swirly style has an antique feel, but clearly this is modern all the way. And since there are many white and black diamonds, the high price tag is something you can accept, so go ahead and start 2016 off with a bang.

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RALUCCA Feather Jewelry: Plumes in Bloom

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RALUCCA Feather Jewelry

Feather jewelry can be hit or miss, depending on the quality of the materials and the sophistication of the design. Using delicate, swirling plumes and chains of stones, Raluca Ostasz gives the style a sense of feminine elegance. Her limited edition pieces seem as if they come from the richest depths of the jungle, but of course they come right from her studio! She told me that she loves rain forests and is fascinated by the “powerful force that is beyond the obvious, the force that makes things alive, generating constant movement of matter and energy.” With dyed goose feathers, green onyx drops, and pebble-like pyrite stones, that magical sense of motion reveals itself in these green earrings, a reimagining of forest ferns. To see more of the inspiration behind the jewelry, check out the mood board above!

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Bad Girls Need Nice Things Too

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Bad Girls Need Nice Things Too

There seems to be a relatively consistent image of what a successful woman should wear, from hair and makeup to clothes and shoes. While fitting this mold isn’t a bad thing, sometimes a girl just wants to branch out, toughen things up a little bit. Remind yourself that even though you’re a nice person and lovely to look at, you can still be tough. Send a few mixed messages with these pieces that are finely made and fine-tuned to add a little visual stimuli to your daily ladylike uniform.

Bad Girls Need Nice Things Too

Bad Girls Need Nice Things TooBad Girls Need Nice Things Too

Bad Girls Need Nice Things Too

Bad Girls Need Nice Things Too

Julia Hagen is currently a student at the Gemological Institute of America. Her love for jewelry started with a red bead bracelet she received as a birthday gift from her grandfather around the age of five. Other healthy addictions include shoes, Crossfit, photography and researching jewelry arts.

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