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If someone ever asks me something about my outfit, they certainly don’t know what to ask about firstly. So it usually goes around the fact that my friends or even not so close people appreciate the way I dress, but I always get to hear: “I’m not sure what you’re doing to look so good”. The thing here is that I’m not doing anything special, I’m not an extravagant person. So yes, I really do know what they mean when they say that. It’s that moment when you admire someone but you simply can’t tell what you love so much about them.
Well, let me tell you my secret. It’s about the little things. Small details that make the difference. And one of these details are actually my replica Hermes bags. They add the right touch of sophistication every woman needs.
No, you don’t need to put up all the accessories in the world in order to look interesting and complex. You can keep it simple and chic, then just add that wow-factor that will put you in the right spotlight.
For me, my replica Hermes bags are the key in this matter. Whether I’m going for a walk, at the office or just shopping, sporting my fake Birkin bag is most of the times inevitable. It kind of became a reflex for me. And trust me, it’s not only about the idea of sporting a high-end purse. But it’s about the way you do it.
I’m sure you noticed so many women out there trying so hard to be different. But somehow, most of us have tried so hard to do that, that we all became alike. So if you ask me, the secret is doing it your way. And my way is about keeping it simple. Chic, elegant, sporty, it doesn’t matter your style. Just by adding the right Hermes bag can put you in the right spotlight without any efforts.
Kelly Ripa Hermes Birkin
Hermes knockoff bags could very well be the answer to the most asked question lately: “What should I wear this summer?” Because we all find ourselves in this dilemma, I thought of pointing out the most important aspects that make a replica Hermes the best item you could sport this summer!
Summer is for sure one of the best seasons when it comes to fashion. Whether we talk about outfits, whether we talk about accessories, showing off your stylish choices is now easier than ever. But in order to do that, you need to find the best handbag for that. Because when it comes to outfits, I tend to create them depending on the bag I choose to sport. It has become a rule for me. And somehow, it works even better. I’m not sure if I’m doing this because I am obsessed with handbags, or simply because it’s a more efficient way to find the perfect dress for a certain day.
Anyway, talking about the right handbag for this summer, as you might have already guessed, I’ll be talking about Hermes knockoff bags. Since they are my favorite, I consider that the Birkin fake bag is the best choice for this summer. Why? Well there is more than one reason for that.
First would be its timeless and classy look. It’s a simple bag, yet incredibly sophisticated and special. Secondly, it’s very practical. As soon as we talk about summer, we talk about lots of stuff we need to carry with us. Such as water, soft tissues, antibacterial tissues and even an umbrella if needed. So we’ll totally need that space. Then, the third and most important reason would be its incredibly good looking aspect. It’s a versatile handbag, offering you the possibility of sporting it no matter the outfit

Therefore, a fake Birkin is the perfect choice for this summer. No matter we talk about functionality or outstanding outfits, this handbag will certainly put you in the right spotlight!

Olivia Palermo Hermes Birkin

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A luxurious and a uniquely shaped bag-addition, that is most descriptive of the newest Hermes Clochette Narcisse Charm. A cool charm to add on any Hermes Bag, grab and take a hold of this absolute charmer as it gives your bag the extra swag and pizzazz.

The Clochette Narcisse is a Hermes bell charm in Swift calfskin with stainless steel mirror that is sporting the color of golden yellow, Capucine and Copper (more shades are available at the boutique). Mind you, this is not a charm you’re customarily accustomed to as it has a different style and vibe to it.

Measuring 3.1’ x 3.5’ inches and is priced $530 USD and is available via Hermes online boutiques.




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Hermès Curiosite Leather Bracelet Cuff

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If you have been saving for the Passant long wallet from Hermès I just covered a couple of days ago, here’s something else for you to lust over. Also by Hermes but I’m thinking it’s something that hasn’t quite hit our shores yet, here’s the Curiosite Leather Bracelet Cuff, a new addition to the French luxury house’s repertoire of leather jewellery.

So what’s so different about this one? Well, to be honest, not much really, save for the addition of the hanging charms that come with each bracelet. One’s a horn, the other, a lantern (is there some hidden meaning here?) that I’m assuming can be removed as and when you like. Made of palladium-plated hardware for the ones in ‘silver’, to permabrass for the ones in ‘gold’, the charms aren’t tiny tiny either; they average about 3.5 cm in length, which is quite substantial to say the least.


Besides Epsom calfskin, you’ll also find the Curiosite in Barenia calfskin, which I’ve placed together side by side for easy comparison. I’m biased towards Epsom (shown right), but for those who prefer their leather cuffs lush and smooth, Barenia (shown left) is the one for you. Now for the prices. They are retailing for USD715 for the ones that come with two charms, and just USD570 for the ones that come with a single charm, which will be the one which comes with the lantern. It also looks to come in only a single size, and once I get any more information, there will be more updates. 

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Hermès Enveloppe Trio

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I was beginning to think that this was a figment of my imagination, something I dreamt up that couldn’t have possibly existed since I couldn’t remember where I had first seen it. Till I started trawling through Hermès’ online site (yes, it is still one of my favourite things to do after a long week at work) and bingo, it was just sitting there staring back at me.

Simply known as the Enveloppe Trio, it’s simply 2 zip pouches that come housed within an envelope ‘folder’. And because it’s from Hermès, every item in this 3-piece set is naturally made of leather, Mysore goatskin, to be exact. Measuring 20.5 cm by 15 cm for the largest piece, this would function like a wallet for me, and I’ll use the smaller zip pouch for credit cards, the larger zip one for cash and other bits, and house both pieces within the envelope. Or I’ll use them separately, depending on what I need for that particular day, which I guess is the beauty of this mix-and-match leather suite.

Priced at GBP920 (which would make it easily over SGD2000 locally), no word yet if they are available in Singapore, or if they will come in more combinations for us to choose from. My dream set? Something in deep green, another piece in maybe a dark blue and housed in either a grey or black envelope. How about you?

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Axel Dumas Outlines Hermes Long Term Strategy

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Recently, the BBC’s Sally Bundock joined Hermes CEO Axel Dumas at the newly renovated New Bond Street boutique in London to discuss developments in the luxury market and what keeps him up at night. While the company has seen it’s face of challenges, including a covert takeover attempt from rival LVMH, in recent years, Dumas, a sixth generation descendent of the original Hermes family, seems increasingly confident in its trajectory.

As he sees it, Hermes, under control of his family, will always “stand for authenticity”, and he acknowledges he has a unique responsibility to guard the brand’s value. This starts with keeping the clientele happy. The company’s recent decision to hold prices steady in the face of dramatic currency swings, as opposed to Chanel, and continued expansion into high-quality, but more financially accessible, accessories like ties and scarves reflects this stewardship.

See Pursebop’s stories on the luxury industry’s reaction to shifts in global financial markets here:

Hermes in the Global Economy

Hermes Declines to Follow Chanel’s Lead

Read the full transcript below and find the full video of the interview here.

Axel Dumas on BBC ‘Business Live’ marking the refurbishment of the 40 year old New Bond Street Hermes boutique in London:

Sally Bundock (BBC): London is a very important part of your business. You’ve invested heavily in this store.

Axel Dumas: Well we’ve been very faithful to our London clientele for 40 years now and London has always been a very cosmopolitan clientele. It’s kind of the capital of the world right now. Also there is a lot of competition. You need to be relevant in London if you want to be relevant in the rest of the world.

BBC: Just looking in this street there are many of your competitors here. LVMH is in this street and of course you had a fierce battle with them finishing 15 months ago. You won, you’ve remained independent, fiercely independent, family run. Are you still worried that that threat may emerge, not just from LVMH, but other competitors out there.

AD: When you are one of the only few independent companies remaining you probably get a lot of attention. So you always need to remain cautious. Having said that the family is totally committed to the company. They create a trust where they put all of their shares, (making them) unsellable for 20 years. That was a big token of commitment to the family.

BBC: You’re sixth generation Hermes family. For a short period there was a CEO that was not a family member, just prior to you taking over in 2013. How important is that in the Hermes brand? It’s a family business, it goes back for generations, back to when you were making saddles. How?

AD: What matters is not actually the family, its Hermes by itself. You need someone, family or not family, who is respecting the value of the company, and who is going to have a long term view about them and cherish them. And I think the family has been great as a guardian of this value. They don’t really care about financial results. They don’t really care about short-term success. What they want is that we keep Hermes with their own creativity and craftsmanship for the long-run.

BBC: So profits have been coming in. They have been going up, despite the financial crisis, despite crack down on corruption in China, all the other issues that have been hitting luxury brands.

AD: We should always stay humble. We are thankful to all our clientele that keep coming. There is a lot of authenticity within Hermes. With the financial bubble, where there was all this talk about toxic assets, where they were AAA and actually not worth anything, I think that Hermes stands for authenticity and true craftsmanship, and we were a bit of a haven for people who see risk and have confidence.

BBC: It’s about the super-rich isn’t it, as well?

AD: I would say that our role is to gather not just an elitist clientele but the elitist part of any of you. And I’m very proud to do ties that aren’t very expensive, I’m very proud to do perfume, and very proud to do silverware also. What is true is that when we do it we try to do it in the best possible way. It’s true our bag is done in France by one craftsman for 15 hours of handwork and that has a price. I would say our products are pricey to make.

BBC: Now you didn’t initially go into the family business, did you? You were in banking, you were based in China for a while and elsewhere. Then you were asked by your uncle to get on board, were you keen, is that something you wanted to do eventually?

AD: I never thought about it to be honest. But when he asked me I said yes in a snap of a second. I think there was maybe a psychological issue there.

BBC: What keeps you awake at night? What are you concerned about when it comes to the company?

AD: We are focusing quite heavily on what is going on in Asia, not only corruption,  but the consumption, the rate of the economy and volatility of the currency. The second one is we need to think about digital in another way, so far we’ve been at the forefront of the digital, we opened our first e-commerce store in 2001. I think at the time we were the first luxury company to open it. I think we need to do better at it now and rethink that.


Let’s talk: What has Hermes done to garner your loyalty? Share your experiences at BopTalk.

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Extensive Coverage of the Hermes Birkin in Bloomberg

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There was a fantastic, lengthy article in Bloomberg Business about Hermes’s Birkin bag and its continued dominance in the luxury handbag market by Lauren Sherman this week! Here at PurseBop we’ve compiled the highlights and pulled out some tidbits you need to know:

  • Hermes’s share of the luxury leather market has held at around 6% over the past decade, while other competing brands have increased their share to 41% from 38% in 2004 (according to Exane BNP Paribas). In contrast, LV’s share has declined from 23% to 18% over the same period.
  • The Hermes Miami Design District flagship store finally opens on November 6, 2015.
  • The newest Birkin is the Sellier 40. 40 centimeters, raw-edge straps, palladium hardware. $14,900.
  • Hermes’s hired Nadege Vanshee-Cybulski to be their new creative director this year. She was previously the head designer at The Row from 2011-2014 and Celine before that from 2008-2011.
  • The Birkin is constructed by a single craftsman in 18-20 hours. They’re trained for at least five years before they can create a bag you’ll buy, and even longer if they’ll work with exotics.
  • Hermes is hiring and training 200 new craftspeople to build Birkin bags and has opened two new workshops in the Rhône Alpes and Poitou Charentes regions of France. Two more workshops in the Franche-Comté region will open in 2016.
  • Customization is “at the core of the Birkin.” If you’ve got the money and the connections,Hermes will build you your dream handbag. But for most of us, we’re happy just getting the call to view any bag that’s available :)

Click here for the full article.


Many areas of Bloomberg’s article have been covered extensively here at Suggested articles in order of reference in article are:

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  • Hermes in the Global Economy
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